The Ambassador's Collection from Xocolate - handmade artisan chocolates
Xocolate chocolates - handmade in Cumbria

Xocolate Handmade Chocolates

Welcome to Xocolate. We're a family-run chocolatier based in Carlisle, Cumbria.

We produce a range of artisan chocolates for trade and wholesale including shops, cafés, bistros, online retailers, hotels, guest houses and self-catering accommodation. All our chocolates are hand-made in small batches, using high quality ingredients and fine Belgian chocolate. We deal direct without a distributor, so contact us today to request more information, a price list and samples.

Our name, Xocolate, is derived from the Aztec word for chocolate, Xocolatl. The Mayans and Aztecs created a drink from the Cacao bean, mashing the bean paste with water. Xocolatl itself originates from two other words; 'xococ' which means sour, and 'atl' meaning water. We pronounce Xocolate as 'zokk-oh-latt'; or you can think of it as Chocolate starting with an X, but pronounced with a Z!

If you'd like to try our chocolates, you can buy them through one of our stockists. Please do contact us if you're unable to find a stockist near you!

We also produce bespoke chocolates for your own special occasion such as a wedding, anniversary, birthday or even corporate events. Our chocolatier, Michelle, will work with you to develop your own unique collection based upon your personal requirements. Please use the contact form to start the conversation.

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